Thoughts On Shooting My First Music Video

Let me start today’s post by saying that I am by no means a videographer, but working as one is something that I always wanted to try. Even though I take pictures for a living, not that many people know that video happens to be an extension of photography, especially, with the quality of the footage from our DSLR cameras, so…

There is something particular that I always wanted to shoot and that is a music video. And the reason is simple. I have always looked at photography as the single frame from a video or movie, and with a music video I get to fill in the story prior to and after that single image.

I have always loved music videos and how they flow and transition from a one scene or angle to another. When I was a kid I used to record basketball games on TV, and set up a movie camera. While I played back those VHS tapes on a VCR, I would record what was on TV with the movie camera, while playing music with a boom box to make a highlight real from the basketball game.


Now fast forward to today, when I’d like to share with you the first music video that I produced, shot and directed in collaboration with a musician Melissa Alesi. She is a contemporary singer-songwriter from Delaware with a very unique sound, so besides checking out my video, you need to hear her sing. Melissa also had great ideas that helped contribute to the video. Needless to say, I am looking forward to my next video project and working with her again.


You can watch the full music video HERE.
music video by Keith Mosher
Melissa Alesi music video
Melissa Alesi Delaware
Melissa Alesi

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Very well done, the sound, photography, lighting and editing is stellar.
    Kudos go out to both of you!!!

    1. kampro says:

      Thank you Robert for your kind words! It sure was fun working with Melissa on this project!

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