My last semester of college (2001), my professor took 14 students to Havana, Cuba for two weeks. It was an amazing trip. We were not led as a group and photographed the city and the people as photojournalists. One time, I was taking pictures of some children playing in the street, I ended up in the middle of them. Then, they started to run away from me and one girl looked back over her shoulder at me. At that moment, time stood still as I captured her and her friends. I knew it was a cool shot, and felt proud of myself for getting in that situation and capturing it. I don’t think I have had the same feeling since then, 14 years ago. It was amazing.

Since President Obama recently visited Cuba, I thought it’s a perfect opportunity to walk down the memory lane and share these photos with you. Because for me, it sure was a trip that I’ll never forget…

kids in Havana, Cuba, street photography

street photography in Havana, Cuba

boy in Havana, Cuba, street portrait

kids in Havana, Cuba

school kids Cuba, Havana

school kids in Havana, Cuba

school children in Havana, Cuba

Cuba boy portrait black and white

streets of Cub, Havana 2001

people Havana, Cuba

Havana, Cuba street photography

Havana, Cuba photography

wedding day in Havana, Cuba

streets in Havana, Cuba



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