14 year business anniversary

Tomorrow, February 20, rings in the 14th year since I started my business in Lewes, Delaware. Couldn’t be more grateful! Over the years, I have worked on numerous projects from weddings (over 300 of them!), engagements, family portraits, food, commercial to editorial work. As a full-time photographer, I realized my work behind the camera is one thing, running a business is another… But if there’s one thing that motivates me to do my job every day, it would be getting that one image (or better yet, a series), which always stands out among the others. I am simply not satisfied until I capture a portfolio worthy image from each event/project!

To learn more about how I started as a photographer, read THIS interview I did with ProGuide.io founder, Andrew Mason.

food photographer Delaware

wedding photographer in Delaware 4

wedding photographer in Delaware

Delaware wedding photographer 3

wedding photographer in Delaware 5

delaware photographer (1)

wedding photographer in Delaware 1

wedding photographer in Delaware 7

Delaware wedding photographer 2

Delaware photog

Delaware wedding photographer 4

Delaware wedding photographer

wedding photographer in Delaware 2

photographer in Delaware 3


wedding photographer in Delaware 6

Delaware photographer

delaware photographer c (1)


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  1. I remember when Keith and I where walking at the bottom of the Pa Grand Canyon. He asked me, Mom what do you think if I become a photographer? My answer was son do whatever you enjoy because we work many years in our lifetime. So he was off to learn and he put in many hours learning the art. He cares about his work and to do his best to make his customers happy.

    Joye Mosher

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